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Available as:

  • Bare rods

  • Flux coated rods

  • Wires

  • Strips *

  • Foils *

  • Preforms *

  • Powders *

  • Pastes *

These alloys are manufactured to recognised international standards. They are suitable for joining a large range of similar and dis-similar parent metals, with the excption of aluminium, zinc based alloys and some refractory metals. They are RoHS compliant.

* Non-stock items but available to order.

The removal of cadmium as a result of EU legislation altered the brazing characteristics of the common silver solders. The most noticable being the reduction in the fluidity of the alloys, and an increase in the melting temperatures and ranges. These changes are countered to some degree by increasing the silver content of the alloy used.

To comply with the strict controls on the cadmium content of alloys today, all GS Metal Joining Limited's silver solders are manufactured using only virgin raw materials, and therefore conform fully to ROSHH regulations.

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